Hi I’m Megan! I currently live in Brisbane, Australia and attending my first year of University.
Ever since I was a small child (apparently) I was very immersed into the creative side of life. My Mum always used to read me stories and I used to make up my own. My ideas seemed to endlessly pour out of my little brain and into my mums hand so that we could remember them.

In middle school (year 6-9) I hardly read a book for enjoyment. Half of me thinks that the reason behind the sudden stop is because reading wasn’t deemed ‘cool’ by the majority and I guess as a result I subconsciously suppressed my love for reading and creative writing. I dont think I ever realised my love for reading then until now.

In high school (year 11) my love for reading finally surfaced again and honestly the feeling of regaining a part of myself back was amazing. I think knowing people and watching people who loved reading helped me so much when finding that love again.

Now I decided to write a blog to express my love for reading and literature. My blog will contain monthly updates on what books I’ve read and reviews on each of them, monthly updates of what books I wish to read alongside random blog posts all book related.

Hope you all are having a wonderful morning/afternoon/night !


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